Chef Maneet Chauhan’s Weight Loss In 2024. Speculations About Illness.

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Maneet Chauhan has recently grabbed public attention after she posted a meme on her Instagram feed about her transformation from wearing casual attire to donning a glamorous TV-ready look. Her followers on Instagram took no time to notice a major change in her appearance, as Maneet looked pretty much slimmed down, and since then, she has become the talk on social media. 

While we read in older news reports about the fact that she had shed almost a whopping 40 pounds, her fans seemed to be very certain that in this transformation reel, she had lost even more weight. 

Did Maneet Chauhan shed more weight than before or is it just a bunch of speculations that the public has been spreading across the Internet and on public forums?  

Who is Maneet Chauhan?

Name:Maneet Chauhan
Birthdate:27 October 1976
Birthplace:Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Spouse:Vivek Deora
Books:Flavors of My World: A Culinary Tour Through 25 Countries, Chaat (co-authored)
TV Shows:Worst Cooks In America, Chopped, The Next Iron Chef, And Iron Chef America

Maneet Chauhan is quite a familiar face to those who are ardent lovers of cooking shows, especially the very popular, American reality cookery show on Food Network, titled “Chopped”. An eminent chef, author, and TV personality, Maneet Chauhan is the judge on “Chopped”, which is one of the most-watched reality cookery shows hosted by Ted Allen. 

Born in October 1976 in Ludhiana, Punjab, India, Maneet Chauhan is one of the most celebrated Indian-American culinary experts in modern times. She kick-started her career in the field of culinary arts at Manipal University in India. After earning her degree in hotel management, she moved to the USA to pursue higher studies at the Culinary Institute of America, which is located in Hyde Park in New York. 

Back in 2000, she started working as a team leader after being recruited as part of the management team for a startup restaurant located in New Jersey’s Cherry Hill region. Under her efficient leadership, Maneet helped expand the humble capacity of the restaurant from only 70 seats to 140 seats. Chauhan garnered widespread recognition and fame as a culinary powerhouse, who magically stirs up “global fusion” foods that have their roots in Indian traditional cuisine.

She came to be known for her signature style of cooking, and is one of the most celebrated chefs today, in the USA. She has appeared on countless popular shows on television, starting from “Chopped” on Food Network, to “The Next Iron Chef”, “Iron Chef America” and “Worst Cooks In America”. 

She is also a businessperson, successfully running 4 restaurants in Nashville, namely, The Mockingbird, Tansuo, Chaatable, and Chauhan Ale And Masala House.

Maneet Chauhan’s weight loss in 2023

She posted a video captioned “I’m just here for the snacks”, in which we can see her in a blue hoodie teamed with jet-black leggings and a pair of gold sneakers. In the video, she twirls around and reappears in a transformed glam avatar, wearing a pretty flowery blouse with the same pair of leggings and sneakers. The magic of editing made this transformation reel or video quite intriguing, and Maneet looked every bit ravishing in her glammed-up look. But her attire was not what caught the eyes of her fans on social media; it was Maneet’s weight loss change that stole the show.

After her recent Instagram post became a hit among her followers and fans, Maneet’s weight loss transformation has become a highly debated topic on social media. People have been sharing both positive and negative comments about the whole thing, which indicates that Maneet Chauhan’s physical transformation has been received with mixed reactions.

While the public unanimously agreed that Maneet has certainly shed more weight after the initial 40 pounds, they seemed divided on the impact of weight loss on her small frame. While many people have lauded her for shedding all those unwanted pounds and commented on how amazing she looks, many others seemed to have disliked it. Many social media users posted negative comments about her, saying that she appeared way too thin, almost as if she was sick. 

Speculations about Maneet Chauhan’s illness

Starting from cancer to mental health issues, people have not ruled out any possibility that might be affecting Maneet’s body weight. However, there are no reports of the culinary expert suffering from any health condition, so we can neither confirm nor deny the claims made by the public.

Yes, she has lost a massive amount of weight that clearly shows on her externally, but reports say that Maneet has been following a rigorous exercise and diet regimen, which has helped her lose weight.

She said that losing weight was important for her to convey the right message to her children, Maneet shared in an interview. While body size is not an indicator of health status, she wanted her kids to understand that it was not okay to be overweight. She added that she could never sustain herself with paleo or keto diets, since the nature of her work required her to eat, but she shed weight without giving up on chocolates.

So instead of restricting the food types, she decided to track her calorie consumption using an app and restricted her total calorie intake that way. Besides, also started working out religiously, and walked 10,000 steps every single day – the changes she made to her lifestyle blended with her work and life seamlessly. 

In a recent interview, the acclaimed chef said that her journey of weight loss has indeed been tough, revealing that her strict diet routine involved fasting. She mentioned intermittent fasting, with breaking her fast at 12 in the day followed by 2 meals per day consisting of 4 oz of fruits, 4 oz of protein, and 4 oz of veggies, without any carbs, fats, or sugars included. 

Maneet Chauhan cookbook

Apart from being an eminent TV personality, Chef Chauhan is also an acclaimed author, having published several recipes and cookbooks. Her debut cookbook, titled “Flavors of My World: A Culinary Tour Through 25 Countries”, was published by Favorite Recipes Press. 

Her latest cookbook, titled “Chaat”, launched in 2020, also boasts Jody Eddy as the co-author, and talks about more than 80 Indian recipes focused on local cuisine and street food.


How Maneet Chauhan has lost weight?

Chef Manet Chauhan lost a lot of weight in 2023 after following a strict diet routine.

Is Manet Chauhan suffering from any illness?

No, there are no confirmations from her about any illness. So we can say that she is not ill and there is no illness behind her drastic weight loss.

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