Sugar Defender 24.Com Reviews And Complaints. Does It Work & How To Use?

Key Points

Sugar Defender. It is estimated that over half a billion individuals are affected by diabetes in the present world, irrespective of age and gender. People suffering from diabetes are said to be at a higher risk of developing serious health complications and cardiovascular ailments such as heart attack, kidney failure, and stroke.

In the current global context, diabetes is one of the topmost factors that cause disability and death in human beings, with 6.1% being the current worldwide prevalence of this condition. So, it is of utmost criticality that we take prompt measures in preventing or managing diabetes so that it does not get out of our control. Thankfully, there are various ways of addressing diabetes, including natural supplements that help fight this condition.

There are many people, especially prediabetic individuals, who do not prefer to go for hardcore allopathic diabetes medication because of the side effects. Natural dietary supplements are a fantastic option in such cases that offer an affordable means of controlling blood sugar minus the side effects. One such supplement that has gained widespread popularity in the market in recent times is the Sugar Defender. If you are looking for a tried and tested blood sugar supplement then read on to find out if Sugar Defender can be a good choice or not.

What is the Sugar Defender?

Sugar Defender is the latest entry in the market of natural dietary supplements, created to help maintain healthy levels of glucose in our bloodstream. Formulated using plant-based ingredients, this natural supplement is said to support the proper regulation of blood sugar and also our overall metabolic health. As per the manufacturers of this product, it has already helped hundreds of users in managing their blood sugar without having to go for rigorous diet plans or workout routines every day.

Available in the form of liquid oral drops, the formula of Sugar Defender consists of a unique blend of 24 all-natural and highly effective ingredients that help lower high levels of blood sugar and body weight. According to the manufacturer of Sugar Defender, all the ingredients used to create this unique formula work in conjunction to address the root cause of glucose imbalance in our bodies. It is said to be a breakthrough formula that has been designed to handle the damage caused to our system due to high blood sugar. 

Sugar Defender has been manufactured in standard laboratory facilities, adhering to stringent protocols of quality and supervision using the latest technology. It can be used by adults irrespective of their gender, and there are no reports of any side effects that users have faced as yet. This liquid supplement is available in bottles of 60 ml, or 2 fl. oz. each, and has been hailed as one of the most easy-to-use products that everyone can effortlessly incorporate in their daily routines.

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Ingredients of Sugar Defender

Sugar Defender is made up of 24 plant-based ingredients that are backed by science and research to be efficacious in the management of blood sugar. These ingredients are also beneficial to our overall well-being and have also been tested clinically to prove their effectiveness before being included in Sugar Defender.

Below, let us take a look at 8 of the core ingredients that have been used in the Sugar Defender’s proprietary formula.

  • Eleuthero – Also known as Siberian ginseng, Eleuthero is known for its adaptogenic properties; studies indicate that this small shrub-like plant can help boost our energy levels and improve metabolism. Used in Sugar Defender, Eleuthero helps support our overall vitality by stimulating energy and beating fatigue. It can offer additional protection against nerve damage and might also help alleviate insulin resistance.
  • Coleus – Coleus is an Ayurvedic medicinal plant that has been used since ancient times in treating hypertension, obesity, insomnia, and various other conditions. It contains the highly beneficial compound, known as forskolin, which can help prevent congestive heart failure. In Sugar Defender, coleus helps in burning excess fat by boosting cAMP levels that aid the fat-burning process in our body, thereby helping in weight loss.
  • Maca root – The root of the Maca plant found in Peru, is a rich source of nutrients and is also known to have adaptogenic properties. It helps boost energy, uplift our mood, and can also help beat fatigue and stress, along with offering anti-inflammatory benefits. Used in traditional medicine for centuries, the maca root is also said to be helpful for our digestive system as well as our immunity.
  • Guarana – A native of the Amazon rainforest, the guarana plant is known to be a rich source of caffeine which is a potent ingredient for aiding weight loss. It contains high amounts of antioxidants and also comes with a range of many health benefits. It is said to boost our digestive system, beat fatigue, improve gut health and heart health, and offer pain relief too.
  • African mango – Also known as bush mango, African mango is an ingredient that has found widespread use in weight loss supplements. This plant is very well-known for being effective in balancing blood sugar, supporting healthy weight loss, and also reducing high levels of cholesterol. It is also popularly used for its fat-burning properties and for boosting health metabolism by stimulating hormones that control our appetite.
  • Ginseng – Ginseng is a highly popular herb that is very commonly used in dietary supplements due to its many health benefits. It is known to be an excellent source of antioxidants along with anti-inflammatory properties that can help manage high blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Ginseng is known to help increase insulin sensitivity, which is the reason it has been included in the formula of Sugar Defender.
  • Gymnema – Gymnema is a woody shrub that has been used for ages because of its various medicinal benefits. Research suggests that this plant plays a vital role in curbing our appetite and food cravings, by suppressing the glucose receptors present in our taste buds. It also helps reduce the absorption of sugar into our bloodstream through the walls of our intestine, thereby playing a potent role in regulating our blood sugar.
  • Chromium – Chromium is one of the essential elements that our body needs for the proper functioning of its organs. Chromium is beneficial for maintaining the different metabolic functions and regulating the blood sugar levels in our system. This mineral element is also said to help lower obesity, reduce high blood pressure, and enhance insulin sensitivity, which ultimately helps in balancing the proper levels of blood sugar.

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How to use it?

This product has been designed to ensure ease of use, but it is crucial to go by the correct dosage of Sugar Defender blood sugar supplement to see the desired results. As per the usage directions of the manufacturer (which is also clearly mentioned on the product label), you need to take 1 ml of the liquid formula Sugar Defender every day, preferably in the morning before having breakfast, and place it under the tongue. You can also choose to mix one drop of Sugar Defender with a glass of water and consume it on an empty stomach.

Each bottle of Sugar Defender contains 60 ml of the liquid formulation, so as per the direction of use provided by the manufacturer, one bottle should last for 60 days.

As per the manufacturer, you can consume this blood sugar support supplement for up to 12 months continuously, without worrying about any negative effects or side effects. And remember that it is crucial to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer, to see the desired outcome – consuming extra does not necessarily mean you will see the results faster. Not following the recommended directions of use can lead to negative outcomes and side effects hampering your health safety.

Also, it is recommended that before you begin using Sugar Defender, you consult with your healthcare practitioner and understand if you are the right candidate or not. Individuals below 18 years of age and those who are pregnant should ideally avoid using Sugar Defender under any or all circumstances.

How does Sugar Defender work?

Sugar Defender weaves its magic by channeling the power of all its 24 amazing natural ingredients, which function synergistically to reduce high levels of blood sugar and also promote healthy weight loss. The formula is unique and designed to ensure fast absorption so that its natural active ingredients are quickly released into the bloodstream and start their action. Once they are absorbed, they function all together, to address the issues that arise from high blood glucose and impaired metabolism. 

The ingredients of Sugar Defender boost inulin sensitivity inhibit absorption of sugar, and also help in burning fats that ultimately help in healthy weight loss. So basically, this supplement takes care of multiple issues that might arise from diabetes, to ensure our overall health and wellbeing. 

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How long does it take to see the results?

While all adults, both male and female, can use Sugar Defender if they need to, it is worth mentioning here that the effects of this blood sugar supplement vary from one person to another. In other words, there is no fixed timeline when everybody can see the results of consistently using this product as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

While it might take a couple of weeks for one person to observe any results of using Sugar Defender, for another person the time can be up to several months. However, going by the clinical tests conducted, people have to consistently consume Sugar Defender for at least months continually to see any results.

Health benefits

Let us take a collective look at all the multifarious health benefits offered by Sugar Defender.

  • Helps balance and maintain healthy levels of blood sugar by boosting insulin sensitivity
  • Promotes fat burning, thereby helping in reducing body weight and preventing obesity
  • Regulates and supports healthy rates of metabolism
  • Prevents energy crashes and helps sustain high levels of energy throughout the day
  • Boosts cognitive functions and prevents conditions like brain fog
  • Helps lower blood pressure and safeguards our heart health
  • Boosts our overall health status 


Some of the most significant advantages of using Sugar Defender would include –

  • All-natural, 100% plant-based formula
  • Suitable for vegans
  • No reported side effects 
  • Non-GMO, non-addictive ingredients
  • Manufactured in approved facilities following GMP standards
  • The formula is easy to use (liquid formulation)
  • Affordable price point
  • Money-back guarantee

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Though very few, the possible drawbacks of Sugar Defender would include –

  • Is only available on its official website
  • Stock is limited


Before talking about the pricing of Sugar Defender it is crucial to bring to your notice that if you plan to buy this product you need to place an order by visiting its official website. This product is not supposed to be sold on any other e-commerce platform or offline retail shops, apart from its official website. The manufacturer does not offer a guarantee on Sugar Defender that you buy from anywhere apart from the designated website, and chances are high that you end up buying a counterfeit product or land up in a scam.

The market today is flooded with dietary supplements that claim big effects and deliver none, but make sure to drain your money. So be careful when you decide to buy Sugar Defender – make sure to buy it from the official website designated by the manufacturer only.

Now, coming to the cost of Sugar Defender, the manufacturer has done a great job at keeping its price point so that everyone can afford it and derive its various health benefits. The best thing is that when you place an order on the designated website, you can also avail exciting deals and bonuses offered by the manufacturer, including free shipping and bonuses. 

Sugar Defender is available in 3 different packages, to help you save more as you buy more – 

  • 1 bottle  – 69 USD + nominal shipping charges   
  • 3 bottles – 177 USD + free shipping in the USA + free bonus
  • 6 bottles –  294 USD + free shipping in the USA + free bonus

With every 3 and 6-bottle purchase order placed for Sugar Defender, you also get 2 free bonus offers in the form of informative e-books that you can download and read easily. 

  • Bonus 1 – The Ultimate Tea Benefits e-book
  • Bonus 2 – Learn How To Manage Type-2 Diabetes e-book

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When it comes to customer satisfaction, the manufacturers of Sugar Defender are very serious – they have offered a solid money-back policy with every purchase that is made. In the unlikely case of you being dissatisfied with your purchase of Sugar Defender, you can choose to return the product and get a full refund within 60 days of your purchase. This 100% refund policy has been set by the manufacturers to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and trust.

All that you need to do for this is get in touch with the customer service desk of the manufacturer within 60 days i.e., 2 months of buying Sugar Defender, and request a refund. You have to return the entire package that was shipped to you; and once they receive it, your 100% refund will be initiated from their end and you will get your money back.


Q: Is it safe to use Sugar Defender?

A: The Sugar Defender formula is a unique one that is made up of 100% plant-based ingredients, which makes it safe for use by vegans too. As of now, none of the users have reported anything about the potential side effects they have faced after using this blood sugar supplement. And we already know that this dietary supplement does not contain addictive compounds or GMO substances, which adds to its safety. So Sugar Defender should be safe for consumption without any concerns about side effects when you use it as per the directions offered by the manufacturer.

However, it must not be used by people under 18 years of age and pregnant women. You must consult with your medical practitioner or healthcare provider, in case you are suffering from any preexisting health conditions before you decide to use Sugar Defender.

Q: Do I need to follow any diet restrictions with Sugar Defender?

A: Going by the claims of the manufacturer, you do not need to follow any additional diet restrictions while you are using Sugar Defender, or even get into any kind of exercising regime. You need to use this dietary sugar control supplement as per the guidelines of the manufacturer to reduce high blood sugar levels. 


If you are looking for a safe and affordable sugar-control natural dietary supplement, Sugar Defender can be a good choice. It is not only safe but also effective, with hundreds of positive reviews posted by users, which indicates the reason for its rising popularity. However, make sure that you buy the Sugar Defender supplement from its official website only, so that you can steer clear of counterfeits, and embrace the desired outcome, without compromising your health safety.

Disclaimer: This article is only for informational purposes and must not be considered as a medical advice. You are requested to consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes or starting any new medication. Some links on the page might be affiliate links. And if you purchase anything using the link, we might get compensated for the same without any additional cost to you.

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