Monica Lewinsky’s Weight Loss Journey And A Brief Look Into Her Clothing Line And Married Life

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Monica Lewinsky is an American writer and activist who shot to the headlines during the late ’90s, after the news of a sex scandal involving her and the then-US President Bill Clinton, broke out. In the course of the public coverage, it came to be known that Bill Clinton admitted to having an affair with Lewinsky during her internship days at the White House, between 1995 and 1997.

This scandal came with widespread repercussions, including the trial and impeachment of Clinton, and went down in history as the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.

Monica Samille Lewinsky was born in July 1973 in San Francisco in an affluent household, and she was brought up in West Brentwood and the Beverly Hills area in Los Angeles. After graduating from high school in 1991, Monica Lewinsky went to Santa Monica College and also worked for Beverly Hills High School’s drama department. In 1995, she graduated with a degree in psychology from Lewis & Clark College located in Portland, Oregon, where she had enrolled in 1993. 

After that, by leveraging a family connection, Monica managed to secure an unpaid summer internship program at the White House in the office of Leon Panetta who was the White House Chief of Staff then. As a result, she relocated to Washington DC, and accepted the position in July 1995, and by December of the same year, she bagged a paid position in the Office of Legislative Affairs at the White House. 

Lewinsky has been engaged in social activism against cyberbullying, after completing her master’s degree in psychology from London, calling herself “patient zero” of cyber harassment. She has also ventured into launching her range of designer handbags and was frequently seen on various TV programs.

Her essay in “Vanity Fair” magazine, titled “Shame And Survival”, about the scandal and her life, marked Monica Lewinsky’s public reemergence.

Brief Monica Lewinsky Features

Name:Monica Lewinsky
Age:50 Years
Birth Place:San Fransisco, California
Height:5′ 6″
Weight:72 Kgs/ 158 Lbs
Clothing Line Name:Reformation
Marital Status:Not Married

Speculations about her weight loss

Life after the White House scandal has not been without its share of challenges for Monica Lewinsky – she has constantly been under the scrutinizing spotlight of the public and endured supreme mental and emotional trauma including body-shaming and slut-shaming. Back in 2019, she had once shared in an interview that more than anything, when people body-shamed her with insensitive comments, it used to impact her deeply. As a result of body-shaming, her self-esteem was badly wounded and it also impacted her sense of self-worth.

At the onset of the 2000s, Monica Lewinsky started making her comeback in the limelight, appearing in TV commercials for the struggling diet company, “Jenny Craig Inc.”. Reportedly, the endorsement deal she signed with them was worth 1 million USD, and it required her to shed at least 40 pounds in just 6 months. Monica had expressed her belief in the product, which is said to have helped her lose around 31 pounds following the diet plan. 

However, after she reportedly went on the Jenny Craig diet plan, and even lost around 31 pounds, people started talking about her weight loss transformation. Monica shared that she had had issues with body weight in the past, and the ads that came on TV showed her bloated “before” pictures and her slim “after” photos, which caught the attention of the public. There have been so many times when they speculated that she might have resorted to some cosmetic weight loss surgery or even liposuction, but those remain unfounded claims, as of now. 

Her clothing line

Monica Lewinsky is hogging the headlines once again with her brand-new fashion campaign with the renowned apparel brand “Reformation”. She is the face of the latest campaign of Reformation which is specifically generating awareness for the registration of voters, ahead of the presidential elections in 2024. 

Former White House intern, Lewinsky already attained international celeb status in the political spotlight, so this time she is using her recognition and making the right moves for the sustainable fashion brand. The title of the campaign for which she has paired up with and Reformation, is “You’ve Got The Power”. 

Monica has been showcasing the office-ready work-wear collection of apparel and underlining the need to overcome voting apathy. Photographed by ace lensman Zoey Grossman, Monica Lewinsky can be seen striking powerful poses in office-ready apparel options which include belted dresses, trousers, power suits, skirts, blouses, trench coats, and more.

The “You’ve Got The Power” campaign is being viewed by many as an opportunity for Monica Lewinsky to reclaim her power and inspire others to do the same while highlighting the importance of voting as a fundamental democratic right. This campaign aims to encourage and push voters to exercise their voting rights, ahead of the US Presidential elections of 2024. 

The brand, Reformation, which specializes in women’s apparel, announced on social media emphasizing the message that everyone has the power to create a difference. They have got Lewinsky on board as their new face because she has already been empowering women to go vocal and raise their voices against cyberbullying. And Lewinsky, teaming up with sustainable fashion brand Reformation for a political cause, is something that she has admittedly not done before. 

Is she married?

Lewinsky’s public image was majorly defined by the infamous Clinton-Lewinsky scandal at the White House, which is one of the most notorious affairs in the history of the USA. 

In an interview with “People” magazine, when she was asked whether she had gotten married, Monica Lewinsky said that she had not married yet, but she was dating. She added that she does not know if she will ever get married but she is pretty much okay with it more than she used to be before. 

Today, after many years, the 50-year-old former White House intern has reclaimed her story and her life. An upbeat social activist, she has ventured into production, turning producer of the FX series “Impeachment: American Crime Story” about Clinton’s scandals from the perspective of all those women he has been with, including her. This series came almost 23 years after Lewinsky’s affair with Bill Clinton was exposed.


Is Monica Lewinsky married?

No, she hasn’t married yet

How many pounds did she lose?

According to some sources, Monia lost almost 31 pounds of weight recently.

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