Exotic Mediterranean Chocolate Recipe For Weight Loss. LeanBliss Reviews And Complaints.

Key Points

Mediterranean Chocolate Leanbliss. When we embark on a journey of weight loss, we are sure to come face to face with tons of challenges, ranging from personal issues to societal problems. Balancing our busy day schedule with working out, going to the gym, and preparing and eating the right kind of food that helps us manage our body weight, without exhausting ourselves is far more challenging than it seems. However, even after putting in earnest efforts to balance our everyday lives and lose weight, when we find that we are not getting closer to our weight loss goals, we tend to experience frustration. 

Many people tend to give up midway into their weight loss journey when they find that they are failing to meet their weight loss targets. But what they do not understand is that the best way to shed those unwanted pounds is by augmenting their diet and exercise routine with various weight loss methods. Weight loss methods can be quite helpful, but you have to be very careful about their legitimacy and reliability, and understand their composition and intended benefits before buying.

Countless weight loss methods are available today, but not all of them are equally reliable or effective. But one such method called Exotic Mediterranean chocolate is garnering a lot of attention today – let us find out all about this in this post today.

What is Exotic Mediterranean Chocolate For Weight Loss? LeanBliss

This Exotic Mediterranean Chocolate also known as LeanBliss is a natural weight loss supplement, which is made from cent percent plant-based ingredients that support healthy and safe weight loss and take care of overall holistic wellness too. LeanBliss has been formulated to promote a sustainable weight loss journey by supporting healthy levels of blood sugar which is a critical aspect that is often disregarded in traditional weight loss approaches. 

A flavorful chocolaty supplement that is available in the form of chewable tablets, LeanBliss is suitable for everyone, including those who prefer gluten-free food and vegans. The manufacturers say that this dietary supplement consists of ingredients that have been carefully chosen and thoroughly tested to ensure safety and health benefits for consumers. Besides, it is manufactured in facilities that are certified and approved, which indicates stringent adherence to safety and quality standards. 

Available only on its official website, the manufacturers say that LeanBliss is suitable for long-term use and is pretty much available at an affordable price point for the benefit of everyone looking for a natural, affordable, and safe weight loss solution.

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LeanBliss packs in the goodness of active ingredients into its proprietary formula, such that together they balance our blood sugar levels, simultaneously supporting weight loss. All of these ingredients have been chosen meticulously considering their health benefits based on scientific research.

In total 9 active ingredients constitute the unique weight loss formula of LeanBliss – let us take a look at those ingredients below:

  • Xylitol – Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that is used as a sugar substitute in weight loss supplements. It can be extracted from corn husk and birch trees and is known to regulate blood sugar effectively owing to its low glycemic index. As such, xylitol causes a very gradual rise in blood sugar and prevents sharp spikes in blood glucose, which is crucial for losing weight healthily and safely. It contains very less calories and also enhances the taste of dissolvable tablets. 
  • Corosolic acid – Corosolic acid is a natural acid compound that is derived from banaba leaves and has been proven by studies, to promote healthy levels of blood glucose. Banaba leaves are rich in corosolic acid, as well as ellagitannins, which function together to regulate blood sugar and offer weight loss benefits.
  • Cinnamon bark – LeanBliss contains extracts of cinnamon bark, which is a natural active ingredient and one of the most important constituents of the LeanBliss formula. Cinnamon is very well known for its natural properties that help stabilize blood sugar levels in our body – it has been an integral part of natural medicine since ancient times. It is frequently recommended by doctors and consumed by diabetics.
  • Fucoxanthin – Fucoxanthin is a natural carotenoid compound that is present in specific kinds of seaweed and is known to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. Those who suffer from diabetes generally experience higher levels of inflammation, but fucoxanthin can help prevent inflammation, strike at the root cause of weight gain, and help promote weight loss.

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  • Fucoidan – Fucoidan is a polysaccharide molecule that is present in brown seaweed and is very similar to fucoxanthin but minus its anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies have shown some positive effects of fucoidan in preventing weight gain, so it has been included in the LeanBliss formula to support the management of body weight.
  • Citrus sinensis – Citrus sinensis, also commonly known as sweet orange, has been used extensively in ancient medicine for body weight management, and it is also used as a regular cooking ingredient. This fruit is rich in essential nutrients, minerals, fibers, and vitamin C, which is a very well-known antioxidant. It helps supply nourishment to our body to keep it healthy, while we undergo weight loss transformation. 
  • Kudzu flower – Kudzu flowers have been used in traditional ancient medicine for ages around the world. Also known as Pueraria, some studies have shown that kudzu flowers can help lower our body mass index and reduce our visceral fat content, which indicates its effectiveness in supporting weight loss.
  • Oleuropein – Oleuropein, which is easily found in olive plants, has a long-standing proven connection with weight loss. Some studies have shown that olive plant extracts, when combined with a low-calorie diet, helped lower body weight and fat mass in obese individuals – these effects have been linked to oleuropein contained in olive plants.
  • Berberine – Berberine is a very popular fruit in Italy, which has been used across centuries as part of traditional ancient medicine. It is also backed by modern-day research indicating its effectiveness in curbing appetite and controlling body weight. Berberine is also known for being effective in balancing blood sugar levels and is extensively used in many natural blood sugar supplements. 

LeanBliss primarily targets blood sugar management, which plays an extremely vital role, in steady weight loss. It can be tremendously difficult for a person to restrict their diet and work out regularly when their blood sugar keeps fluctuating. Imbalances in blood glucose levels can trigger extreme cravings for sugary and fried food, and cause wild swings in appetite, which can make it pretty daunting to stick to a healthy food plan. 

How does LeanBliss work?

The manufacturers of LeanBliss aim to control and stabilize blood sugar, to help augment our weight loss efforts, and to make it a sustainable and safe journey. According to them, LeanBliss was formulated by a doctor who realized that it is crucial to support healthy blood sugar levels to retrain our brain to curb food cravings. This can help prevent our body from storing excessive fat and instead burn more calories and unwanted fat, thereby triggering weight loss.

The official website of LeanBliss says that this dietary supplement is a natural alternative to Ozempic, the famous weight loss drug. This suggests the fat-burning capabilities of LeanBliss, minus the side effects, expenses, or prescription requirements that come with Ozempic.

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Health benefits

Let us take a quick view of the expected health benefits offered by LeanBliss, apart from the fact that it aids safe and healthy weight loss:

  • Balances blood sugar levels, eliminates food cravings, and prevents overeating and binge eating
  • Promotes fat burning and enhances the rate of effective metabolism
  • Promotes effective absorption of nutrients in our blood 
  • Supports safe appetite control, which leads to steady weight loss
  • Boosts energy levels and improves our daily workout performance
  • Uplifts mood, beats stress and related habits like stress-eating
  • Improves quality of sleep and rest by beating anxiety
  • Lowers inflammation which helps in effective body weight management


The positives of LeanBliss include:

  • Helps maximize weight loss efforts
  • Regulates healthy levels of blood sugar
  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Non-GMO, non-addictive ingredients, no side-effects 
  • Gluten-free and suitable for vegans
  • Manufactured in approved and certified facilities
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


No side effects of this weight loss supplement have been reported by its users to date. However, some perceived drawbacks of this product would include:

  • Available only on its official website and nowhere else
  • Outcomes may vary from one user to another

Pricing and refunds

LeanBliss is available for purchase only on its official website linked here – you will not find it anywhere either offline or on online e-commerce platforms. Please be very careful about counterfeit versions of LeanBliss that you may come across on sites other than its official website, and do not land up in scams. 

Coming to the price of this weight loss dietary supplement, there are 3 options available on its official site:

  • 1 bottle – 69 USD + free shipping
  • 3 bottles – 177 USD + free shipping + 2 free e-books bonus
  • 6 bottles – 294 USD + free shipping + 2 free e-books bonus

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Each bottle of LeanBliss contains 30 chewable tablets, i.e. every bottle comes with a month’s supply of these tablets, so you can take one tablet every day to augment your weight loss efforts.

The manufacturer, to promote trust and reliability with customers, is offering a 180-day money-back policy. You can apply for a refund within 180 days of your purchase if you are dissatisfied with the product for some reason, though chances for that to happen are extremely low.

All you need to do is contact the LeanBliss office customer help desk by emailing them at [email protected].


LeanBliss is a popular natural weight loss supplement and with good reason too – it is legit and not a scam. However, if you want to enjoy its maximum benefits in your weight loss journey and ensure the highest level of safety and sustainability in your approach, you must buy this product from its official website only. Also, you need to be patient and consistent to observe any weight loss outcomes.


Q: Is LeanBliss easy to consume?

A: One of the biggest advantages of LeanBliss is that it has been designed for great ease of use – you only need to chew and eat this chocolate-flavored tablet after your breakfast or at your snack time, and that is it. It will keep doing its work in the background while you go about your daily normal activities.

Q: Is there any specific dosage for consuming LeanBliss?

A: LeanBliss is available in the form of tablets that have a delicious chocolaty flavor that you will find simply irresistible. As per the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can slowly chew either 1 or 2 tablets per day, in between your major meals or when you are on an empty stomach. However, it is vital to remember that you must stick to the recommended dosage only and not consume more LeanBliss tablets. Please bear in mind that consuming more tablets will not help you achieve your weight loss goals any faster; instead, it can lead to undesirable effects. 

Q: Who is the creator of LeanBliss?

A: As per information available on the official website of LeanBliss, this natural weight loss dietary formula has been designed by Dr. Martin Smith. Dr. Smith says that he is one of the “leading” weight loss specialists, who runs a weight loss facility or clinic in Los Angeles and has many celebrity patients too. He holds a medical degree from Michigan University and even served at the LA Metabolic And Weight Loss Center as their Director. He claims to be an expert in metabolic regulation and is the founder of the Los Angeles Institute of Metabolic Disorders & Holistic Wellness.

Q: How many bottles of LeanBliss should you purchase?

A: If you want to enjoy the maximum benefits, you can purchase 6 bottles of LeanBliss that come with free shipping and 2 bonus free e-books. Buying 6 bottles will also ensure that you get to save the most by availing of their buy more save more policy.


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