Hero Instinct 12 Text Revealed. How To Trigger It In Men With Examples.

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Hero Instinct is the desire of any man to be loved and respected. Trigger your man’s inner hero instinct can make him devoted to you. The woman who triggers his man’s hero instinct becomes the most valuable part of that man. But the only condition is that his hero instinct must be triggered correctly or it can backfire, too making him feel like you are buttering him more than genuinely respecting him. ❤️❤️

After you have been in a relationship for quite a while, things might start appearing monotonous, and you might even feel that your man has become somewhat distant. While such phases of unexciting times are common in all long-term relationships, it does not mean anyone is at fault or your relationship is about to hit rock bottom.

What many women do not realize is the fact that men should also be made to feel special. A man also wants his special woman to woo him and make him feel loved and wanted. This can be easily achieved when you are mindful of the concept of “hero instinct”.

What is hero instinct?

Essentially, the hero instinct is the deep-rooted desire of every man to feel like the protector, provider, and hero of the most special person in their life – their woman. In other words, it is an innate male psychology that makes men want to feel valued, appreciated, and needed by their partner. This psychology does not translate to grand gestures of love; sometimes, it is as simple as asking for his suggestions on which Netflix movie to watch, or seeking his help to fetch a box from the loft high above. 

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While it might sound like some romantic fairytale or dreamy Hollywood rom-com, this concept actually springs from research and observations about the male psyche, backed by science. According to research, though we have massively evolved since ancient times, there is still a ‘primitive’ side to all men that craves to play a role of significance. In ancient times, males used to be portrayed as powerful, providers, and protectors; studies suggest that that aspect has remained unaltered even today. 

Studies in psychology deal with a pyramidal model called “Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs”, which highlights the evolution of human needs. It starts with the most fundamental ones like the needs for safety and food, and advances to more abstract needs like love and belonging, self-actualization, and self-esteem. The concept of hero instinct amazingly fits into this pyramidal concept, emphasizing the desire or need for appreciation, respect, and a sense of purpose. 

It is not like our men want to present themselves as Superman or Thor, for the concept of hero instinct does not relate to their physical strength or prowess. It is something as wonderful and basic as men wanting to occupy a meaningful space in their most important personal relationships and lives.

Relationships that lose spark with time, a woman who doesn’t get the love and respect in a relationship even after trying everything, and even a woman who has a crush on someone but doesn’t know how to forward the situation, all these situations lack one thing and that is Hero Instinct.

If triggered correctly in a man then he becomes devoted to that one lady. But the only condition is that it must be triggered in a proper way. There is a video explaining all the things about hero instinct, how it can be triggered, and why you should use only the proper techniques. We recommend you spare some time to save or make your relationship by watching the below video. It will be the best thing you would have done for your love life and for your partner.

Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Revealed

How hero instinct can help a woman in a relationship?

Now, to all the fiercely independent ladies, let us tell you that trying to make your man feel like a hero does not mean that you have to surrender your freedom or strength. It simply means that you have to make the most special man in your life feel loved, valued, and appreciated. And let us tell you that you can use this hero instinct as a secret weapon to strengthen your relationship with your partner, infuse a great deal of romance, and boost love as well. 

There are countless benefits to harnessing the power invested in you, by understanding the hero instinct. Firstly, it can help you and your partner come closer to each other, which especially is beneficial if you feel that your partner has been acting distant for a few days. When they realize that you are putting in effort to make them feel valued and loved they will instantly feel closer to you. This will help deepen your relationship, and your love and support for each other will only grow stronger than ever, allowing both of you to be more honest and open with each other. 

Moreover, it will help your special person, your man, to be more assertive about himself and feel confident in your relationship.

How to trigger hero instinct with examples

You do not need to move hills or get hold of a magic wand to trigger the hero instinct in your dearly beloved partner. You simply need to understand and act organically to make him feel loved and important. Here are some very simple yet interesting ways you can trigger the hero instinct in your man. 

Example 1: You have been married to your husband for 15 years, and of late you have been noticing that your hubby seems a bit distant. So you decide to take things into your own hands and put in heartfelt efforts to connect with him more deeply. 

You can start by recognizing aloud and expressing your gratitude for all the little things he does around your house. Let it be something as mundane as fixing the leaky kitchen faucet or taking the garbage out – acknowledge his efforts and thank him. You can even ask him to help you hang some of your vacation photos or ask him to select some photos for you.

These little efforts can have huge and deep effects as your husband will start feeling more appreciated and needed, and it will also help you feel more warmth and affection in your relationship.

Here Are A Few Examples For Triggering His Hero Instinct

Even though you are doing everything for your partner still you feel that he is distancing himself and losing interest. Now the relationship is not what it used to be and he doesn’t treat you anymore like he used to do. My girl, please understand it is not your fault, it is a male instinct that makes almost every man go through this. If you don’t know the real reason behind his strange and changed behaviors then you can watch this simple video below. It will help you to find answers to your endless questions.

Why Men Pull Away

Example 2: If you have been dating this man for a couple of months now, you can also use the hero instinct to take your relationship a notch further and deepen your connection.

You can try to develop a genuine interest in things he enjoys doing and encourage him to pursue his passions by supporting his dreams. You can ask questions to show interest in his ideas and also show your support for his objectives by offering unbiased opinions when he asks. 

Take small steps and be vocal to show him that you care and that you genuinely want to see him achieve his dreams. A warm embrace or holding hands in public, are also beautiful and sweet ways to convey your appreciation for him and encourage him to be more open and honest with you.

Here Are Few Examples You Can Use

Example 3: After living with your partner under the same roof for some years, you might start feeling that he is no longer excited about your relationship. You can turn this situation around by triggering his hero instinct and spicing things up.

As crazy as it may sound, flirting with your man is one of the best ways to immediately arouse his hero instinct and spice up your relationship. You can go all out and create an ambiance by lighting candles and playing soft music or spend quality time with him on the couch after the office and pamper him like a kid. Trust us when we say men are grown-up kids – they love this pampering and when you flirt with him, he understands that you still want him and love him.

These are only a few examples; you can trigger the hero instinct in your man in various other ways such as being open and vulnerable with him, allowing him to pacify and support you, letting him make some decisions for you, cracking jokes, and making him laugh, complimenting him on his new haircut or dress, allowing him to protect you, buying him gifts, etc.

Here Are Hero Instinct Examples

Who introduced the hero instinct concept?

The concept of hero instinct has been introduced by relationship guru and author James Bauer in his latest bestselling book titled “His Secret Obsession”. Bauer has delved through the multiple layers of the complex male psyche and revealed the deepest and most secret desire of every man – that is to feel loved and valued in a relationship and feel indispensable. 

Bauer has also explained in his book why this concept exists in the realm of male psychology, and how women can use it to the benefit of their relationships. 

What is 12-word text? Revealed

In his book, James Bauer has shared with his readers, a unique texting strategy that is said to be highly effective in triggering the hero instinct in your man. This texting strategy uses 12 words and is therefore known as the “12-word text”, which you can send to your partner and instantly elicit his fundamental biological instincts. 

The male psyche needs to feel wanted and be the protector and provider, especially in their romantic relationships. This 12-word text is said to be the ideal recipe to make him feel exactly that way and enliven bonds and relationships.

This 12-word text is as simple and endearing as “I love you. I need you. Thank you for being my hero”. However, it can create magic by stimulating his biological drivers and fixating your man on you, resulting in deep commitment and keeping the flame in your relationship alive.

James Bauer the well-known relationship coach first coined this term. After years of counseling couples, he came to the point where he finally understood why most relationships fail over time. He found out that the main reason for the separation of couples is a lady doesn’t know how to slide into his mind with her words. “Hero Instinct” can do that. And the 12-word text that James Created can help with that. You can learn that directly from James. We recommend you watch the below video without any second thought.

12 Word Text


Men have this innate instinct to protect and provide for their women and feel like a hero in their own life stories. This is the hero instinct, which best-selling author and relationship coach James Bauer explains in his book. This hero instinct is a powerful psychological tool that women can use for the benefit of their relationship with their partner. The author has beautifully explained how this fundamental male instinct can help turn around relationships for the better, creating bonds that last a lifetime.

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